WorkSafeBC issues warnings to homeowners of asbestos danger

The WorkSafeBC agency is alerting and warning homeowners to notify their private contractor before the various renovations or demolition of their homes before the 1990s begin.

Asbestos is quite difficult to detect, however it is used in 3000 common building materials, including vinyl and linoleum floors, stucco, loose insulation, roof felt tiles, drywall, lamp backs incandescent and sheets under the cover.

The main problem with asbestos danger is when the material is allowed to release fibers into the air, which when breathed by people can end up causing different long-term health problems, such as lung diseases or cancer. One of the most common ways to expose yourself to asbestos and its diseases is during the demolition and renovation of homes and buildings that have this material.

Asbestos contractor

That is why the WorkSafeBC agency has released a press release to notify homeowners to protect both their health and public safety by identifying those materials containing asbestos in the home, and doing so by calling A contractor, withdraw safely before renovating or demolishing your home.

As stated in the report “if you plan to renovate or demolish a house built before 1990, as a landlord you need to speak with a contractor about asbestos testing planning and proper disposal. Identifying and eliminating asbestos safely is essential to ensure the health and safety of everyone who works on the project”, says Al Johnson, vice president of prevention services at WorkSafeBC.

However, asbestos exposure was the contributing factor in 47 work-related deaths in 2018, representing no less than 36% of all work-related deaths in that year.

As part of this awareness campaign for asbestos homeowners, WorkSafeBC plans to launch a new phase of its awareness campaign aimed at homeowners. This campaign will be disseminated in media such as radio, television and various advertising.

Source: WorkSafeBC

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