Asbestos School

Two Philadelphia Schools Closed Indefinitely Due to Asbestos

Two major schools in Philadelphia have been forced to close due to the presence of asbestos in their facilities, and the risk that this entails for all children.

A few days ago we collected a report on the risk of asbestos in different schools in New York, and now two schools in Philadelphia have had to close due to the presence of asbestos in their facilities, and it seems that the thing is quite serious.

Asbestos Schools

The affected schools are those of Benjamin Franklin High School and Science Leadership Academy, where all of their students will be relocated due to asbestos exposure reasons. Since last Thursday, students have already been relocated, but it is not known for sure when these schools will reopen.

The superintendent of the Philadelphia school district, Mr. William Hite, points out that until the works are completed in each of these schools, it is not safe for the children to return, so they could be without attending this campus for several months

According to the first research data released to the press, asbestos exposure has occurred from the ducts in the boiler room. Last Wednesday, 12 samples were taken from the building and submitted to laboratory tests. It should be clarified that the boiler room is located on the ground floor of the building, and that it will remain closed and incommunicado.

The presence of asbestos is growing in a worrying way in recent times in several locations of major cities in the United States, due to the remodeling or demolition works that are undergoing many old buildings built 50 years ago.

Source: Inquirer

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