birds extinction

North America has lost nearly 3 billion birds since 1970

If you look at the sky, and you think you are seeing fewer birds than when you were a child, you are right. A new study reveals that one in four birds has disappeared from the North American region since 1970. The bird extinction is here.

Cornell University has released a disturbing report where they estimate that in the last 50 years more than 3 billion birds have disappeared in the North American region, a problem that is even becoming widespread in other regions of the world.

Bird extinction

Ken Rosenberg, lead author of the study, said that “we expected to see a continuous decline in threatened species, but for the first time, the results have also shown us widespread loss of the most common birds in each of the habitats.”

In the study it can be read that “it is not simply a conservation problem, but it is something globalized and ecological”. As you can imagine, it is human activity and the current lifestyle that is causing thousands and thousands of animal species, including birds, to disappear.

Of the almost 3 billion missing birds, approximately 90% of them came from 12 families, with swallows, warblers, and finches most affected. This is one of the extinct animals.

Although the study has not analyzed the reasons for this decline in birds in North America, they have had indications that these losses are also worldwide, which may lead us to believe that this decline is due to the widespread loss of natural habitats on Earth.

What we think

The globalized lifestyle, and the less and less self-esteem for the human being and the environment, is causing millions of species worldwide to disappear year after year.

Governments and large organizations do not want and are not interested in adapting to the environment so as not to lose global hegemony, and therefore it is the user himself who, thanks to his common sense, must make the right decisions so that wildlife and Flora is still conserved on our planet Earth.

Source: sciencemag

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