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Mario Kart Tour – do 30 mini turbo boosts in a single match

How to do 30 mini turbo boosts in a single match in Mario Kart Tour? With our tip, you can achieve this challenge in minutes.

New challenges have arrived on Mario Kart Tour. These challenges are titled “Challenges Season 2” and we propose to carry out new actions in the game of Nintendo. Among them, a challenge asking to realize 30 mini-turbos in one part. On paper, it’s complex and yet, no. Just have the strategy!

Do 30 mini turbo boosts in a single match Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour mini turbo boost

Many YouTubers posted a tip on their channels to complete this new challenge. For beginners, this can be a bit complex because you have to master the manual skid and forget the automatic one. After several attempts in the car, we quickly realized that it was impossible and that we had to get used to driving in a manual.

The trick:

  • Choose a long circuit with many bends like the Circuit Toad, Dino Dino Jungle or Circuit Yoshi to name a few
  • Do not go in 150 or 200cc, we recommend even the 50cc
  • Skid as soon as you can with manual mode

In Mario Kart Tour, players can compete with other players in intense races starring Nintendo’s historic characters. There is a large variety of karts, characters and gliders, so there is a lot to collect in this racing game, but not everything is available right away.

If you have finished all the races, think about the various challenges offered by Nintendo, it allows you to have nice rewards.

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