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Mario Kart Tour – best course to collect 30 coins in a single race

This is how to perform the challenge that asks you to collect 30 pieces in a race. Now we tell you the best course to collect 30 coins in a single race.

Best course to collect 30 coins in a single race Mario Kart Tour

As in all Mario, there are coins and Mario Kart Tour does not escape this rule. To maximize your coin collection, Nintendo even offers you a challenge by asking you to collect 30 of these gold coins in a race. On paper, it sounds simple and yet you will surely have some difficulties to achieve it. So here is our advice!

Mario Kart Tour collect 30 coins

30 coins in Mario Kart Tour (challenge)

You can collect these 30 coins in many races, but we offer you a relatively simple race, especially if you have the correct drivers. In the Toad Cup, there is a circuit called Souk Maskass. Who says that souk necessarily says many parts, and we recommend that you drive on this circuit, even more if you have Mario, Pauline or Metal Maskass.

Once on the circuit, continue on the right because you will see that there are runners with many gold coins. You can pick up on the floor but also in the various objects in the boxes. Just pay attention to bananas and other items because if you take one, the challenge may not be valid because you will lose parts (feel free to confirm this information in the comments).

The little tips: with the wing of the name “Golden Wing”, gold coins are more frequent.

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