Humans produce 100 times more CO2 than all Volcanoes on the planet

Human CO2 emissions add up to 100 times more than the warming effects of all the combined volcanoes on the planet, thus collapsing many government theories that point directly to these types of natural effects as guilty of the increase in the greenhouse effect.

An international team of researchers has issued a study showing that human CO2 emissions add up to 100 times more than the same emissions of all the combined volcanoes on the planet.

Specifically, the report can read that the total amount emitted by volcanoes is 0.3 gigatons per year, very little compared to the 37 gigantons that humans produced only during the past year.

Different governments are convinced that natural events such as the eruption of volcanoes contribute to the increase of CO2 on our planet, something that is taking this study to the ground.

CO2 emissions

To give an example of this problem of pollution in the emission of CO2 because of the human race, the members of the study indicate that in the past, incidents on a scale similar to this CO2, were catastrophic in the disappearance of fauna and flora in all the planet.

One of these events to which they refer was the impact of the Chicxulub asteroid 66 million years ago that scientists point out that it could have released up to 1400 gigatons of CO2.

In the report it can be read that “the amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by human artificial activity in the last 12 years is equivalent to catastrophic change during these natural events of the past that killed millions of species.”

If you are interested in the subject, we put at your disposal a series of documents that are part of the so-called deep carbon observatory, which is a global research program founded in 2009 and worth reading if you are concerned about the environment .

In any case, the human being is already going badly in time, and if he wants to rebalance the levels of carbon dioxide in his atmosphere, it will take so many years that it is possible that the human race no longer exists.

Source: deepcarbon

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