Experts warn a global pandemic could kill 80 million people

The future is nothing, at least if we pay attention to a group of experts convened by the World Health Organization.

In 2018, the World Health Organization together with the World Bank convened the so-called Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), which becomes an independent group of experts focused on different health emergencies worldwide.

A few days ago, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board published a hopeless report assessing the current preparation of our civilization to face a major health crisis: and things look really bad.

In the report, which you can read in the following link, it takes into account the different current political trends, climate change and other factors, to make a warning, conclusion and preparation to what is going to come to us.

The report comes to say in one of its most important paragraphs that “there is a very real threat of a highly lethal pandemic and rapid movement of a respiratory pathogen that kills 50 to 80 million people and eliminates almost 5% of economy world”.

Elsewhere in the report they point out that “a global pandemic of these characteristics would be catastrophic, creating havoc, widespread instability and insecurity throughout the world. A world that is not prepared for it. ”

The group of experts puts into action different actions that the world must take to avoid a pandemic of these characteristics:

  1. The full implementation of an International Health Regulations
  2. Greater investment in vaccine research and development
  3. Establishment of national solid preparation systems

Conclusion of the Take5 team

The bioterrorist threat is one of the main concerns that governments around the world must face for the next decades. The presence of pathogens capable of killing entire communities of people, besides being something difficult to control, is simple on a large scale due to the international and continuous movement of people.

Health emergencies will be the order of the day in the coming decades, not only because of their health reach, but also because of the alert raised in a society attached to a digital regime.

Source: GPMB

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