Mario Kart Tour

Break 5 jars in Mario Kart Tour

If you too want to break 5 jars in Mario Kart Tour to complete one of the challenges, our tip for this challenge will help you.

After the goats or the pipes during the New York season, Nintendo now asks us to break pots in Mario Kart Tour. In any case, what you are advised to do in order to complete a challenge of the Tokyo season! But if like many, you wonder where the pots are, we’ll give you a tip.

Break 5 jars in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

If your memory does not play tricks, you must remember pots in the Nintendo mobile game. Because these pots are present in a race established the first day of the release of Mario Kart Tour: Souk Maskass.

In the middle of the Souk Maskass race, after two dangerous turns, you have a short straight with three green pots in the middle of the lane. These are the pots you must break for the sake of the challenge.

For the challenge, nothing very difficult. You have to get into the pots and break them before one of your enemies does it. Otherwise, you will have a second lap … Do not hesitate to lower the speed of the kart if you want to make sure to destroy two by turn.

Challenges are often commonplace in video games. Mario Kart Tour is no exception to the rule and Nintendo offers you a host of challenges and achievements to make your experience in the game enriched. Some challenges are tough, others are simple and some are unblocked only with the gold pass.

Fly three times with a great horn

Get a score of at least 6,000 with a Bowser Terror

Exploit air currents five times

Activate five times the frenzy mode

Collect 30 coins in one run

Pick up the 1st place three times in a row in 100cc or higher

Make 150 mini-turbos

Fly five times with a banana in one run

Use the giant banana three times in all

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