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Asbestos can be found throughout New York City, and these are places you should avoid

In the middle of 2019, New York City is still a place with large amounts of asbestos, and if you live there or go to visit, you should know what places to avoid.

According to a report collected by Daily News, asbestos is present in large locations in New York City. The media said that the New York metropolitan transportation authority pumped large amounts of asbestos-filled air into an eastern bus station for decades, exposing this risk to more than 1,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of high school students.

Later, it was discovered that each air vent that serves the first three floors of the bus station was lined with an asbestos laced cloth, which was used to make the air outlets less noisy by reducing each of the vibrations.

Asbestos Building

Although the United States prohibited the presence and use of asbestos in recent decades, in the middle of 2019 it is still present in many places like New York. In fact, the New York bus station, built in 1947, has large proportions of asbestos.

And it is that asbestos can be found throughout the city of New York, which has had problems with this risk for years.

Locations with asbestos in New York (and why to avoid)

Places that have suffered steam pipe explosions

Many of the steam pipes in New York City contain asbestos, although the amount of them is unknown. In 2018 a steam pipe exploded in the city’s Flatiron district, releasing asbestos in the air.

Asbestos Building

Some Schools

In 1993 it was discovered that asbestos still prevailed in many public schools in the city. While asbestos decreased in almost every school in the city that was inspected in 1993, it has continued to appear in successive years. In fact, in 2004, two schools located in Brooklyn and Manhattan discovered that he had the asbestos trail. In that case, asbestos was released after remodeling a gymnasium at the Brooklyn school while that of the Manhattan school itself was due to the demolition of a roof.

Old Apartment building

The city has a multitude of old buildings and almost in ruins, many of which were built with materials containing asbestos. In 2018, 17 people were arrested for falsifying asbestos inspection reports for 40 different properties in both Manhattan and Staten Island.

In 2017 and 2010 different asbestos inspectors were also found guilty for falsifying asbestos inspection reports, which had previously left thousands of people unknowingly living in asbestos buildings.

Source: Daily News

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